We’re Drug-Free Business Solutions. We offer online and CD-ROM drug and alcohol training for DOT companies as well as drug-free workplaces. Choose from FAA, FMCSA, USCG, or Drug-Free Workplace training. We cater training to the specific agency, and we save you time on administration.

Meet DOT Training Requirements

Our DOT training always meets DOT training requirements and helps get you DOT compliant.

Get Supervisors and Employees Certified

We provide you with a certificate when you complete one of our training programs. Make sure you have documentation of completed training on file.

Save Time on Administration

With our online and CD-ROM formats, most of the typical admin duties are eliminated. So get more done today when you buy our training!

Improve Safety and Productivity

We make our training interactive and engaging. The result: you learn more. And when you learn more, drug and alcohol use goes down. Meaning improved workplace safety, productivity, and employee engagement.

Training Features

Our mission is to help organizations improve workplace safety, productivity and compliance by delivering engaging, easy-to-use, technology-based drug and alcohol education and training.

Simple to Administer

It’s simple to administer because we do it for you. You can be as involved in the process as you want. Receive daily status updates; we’ll let you know if an employee isn’t doing the training. Or simply get notified when supervisors and employees finish. At which point we provide certification. Bottomline: you save time so you can get more work done.

Interactive and Engaging Content

We include various interactive features and elements in our training to engage you. We want you interacting and putting to use the content we teach. In this way, we help you learn more. Because the more you learn, the more of a positive influence we can create for you.

Clear, Straightforward Training Structure

As training experts, we make sure to break down and put back together the content in a clear and cohesive manner. The structure of a course is not to be taken for granted. Sloppy work will make it hard to follow. Precise work, though, will make it clear as crystal. Say goodbye to employee and supervisor complaints over training.

Simple and Easy to Take

You can take the training whenever and wherever you’d like. You can take it at work, at home, or anywhere else in between. Not only that, but you can stop at any point and return right where you left off with no issues. We take out all the typical barriers to learning. So expect fewer complaints over having to take training.

Drug-Free Business Solutions

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