Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

FAA DER Training Program: Part 3 provides info to help you become the DER everyone expects you to be. The training is interactive and engaging and comes in two formats: online or CD. Learn the following:

  • DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements and guidelines
  • DOT pre-employment drug testing
  • DOT post-accident drug testing
  • DOT random drug testing
  • DOT return-to-duty requirements and process
  • DOT drug and alcohol testing program administration, including how to work with the MRO, SAP, and TPA
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FAA DER Training Part 3: the DER and DOT Compliance is the final part of our FAA DER Training package.

The DER and DOT Compliance Topics

We wrap up what all DER’s must know with the remaining DOT drug and alcohol testing situations. We cover reasonable suspicion training in FAA DER Training Program: Part One.

  • First, we discuss DOT pre-employment drug testing. When is it necessary? How do you collect information on the applicant from previous employers while maintaining confidentiality, always important with DOT drug and alcohol testing? Then, how do you carry out the pre-employment drug test? We cover the fundamentals.
  • Second, we go over DOT post-accident drug testing. The FAA has a very specific definition for what constitutes an accident. Learn those guidelines in our training. Then we explain when and who you must test after you have determined that an accident has occurred. Time is of the utmost importance in a post-accident drug testing situation.
  • Third, we cover DOT random drug testing. How do you initiate and set up a random drug testing program? How often do you need to carry out testing? We answer your questions. When carried out properly, a DOT random drug testing program is a powerful drug and alcohol deterrent.
  • Fourth, we cover the DOT return-to-duty process. It is an arduous process, and many mistakes can be made without the proper information. Learn the necessary steps that you must take, and learn about all of the different people you must involve in the process.
  • Fifth, we cover DOT drug and alcohol testing issues. What can go wrong in the process of carrying out drug and alcohol tests? We go over the potential mistakes so that you don’t have to live and learn, you can just learn, and then live without the frustration.
  • Finally, we detail the administrative side of the DOT drug and alcohol testing program. The designated employer representative has to involve and communicate with several outside agencies and individuals in order to successfully carry out the program. Learn about all of these people.

Learn Quickly and Easily

Our FAA DER Training can be taken whenever and wherever. It usually takes around two and a half hours to complete, and it can be taken in one sitting or in fifteen. You can decide.

Learn Effectively

Also, we make our training interactive to help you learn, including many features that put your new-found knowledge to use. The more you learn from the training, the better a DER you become, and the more value we provide to you.

Our training covers everything you need to know as a DER, enabling you to become proficient at your job.

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Our FAA DER Training Part 3 includes several courses. Below we provide a list of the included courses:

  • The DOT Pre-Employment Drug Test: When is pre-employment drug testing required? How do you gather information from previous employers? How do you carry out the drug test? Learn the DOT pre-employment drug and alcohol testing process in this course.
  • Random DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing: Learn about DOT random drug testing. How do you set up the random drug testing program? How do you carry out random drug tests? We cover what you need to know.
  • FAA Post-Accident Drug Testing Requirements: We cover what constitutes an accident as per FAA rules, when and who to test after an accident, and the steps involved in carrying out a post-accident drug test.
  • DOT Return-to-Duty Process: The DOT return-to-duty process is not simple, and for good reason. Learn the steps and process necessary for an employee to return to work after a failed drug test.
  • DOT Drug Test Issues: The DOT drug testing process is complex, involving several parties. It can be botched in an endless number of ways. We cover the most common mistakes and what you can do to fix them.
  • DOT Alcohol Test Issues: Just like DOT drug testing, DOT alcohol testing is a complex process that requires communication from several parties. Problems can occur in specimen collection, in evaluation and examination of the specimen, and in the reporting of test results. We cover the commonly made mistakes.
  • DOT Drug Testing Program Administration: As the designated employer representative, you have to communicate and work with several different agencies and parties. Learn what all of those agencies are and how you have to deal with them. The administrative side of DOT drug and alcohol testing programs can be messy without this information.