FAA Supervisor Training Requirements

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The DOT sets DOT supervisor training requirements for all supervisors in the transportation industry. And then the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sets drug and alcohol education and training requirements for their supervisors. Specifically, they set requirements for safety-sensitive supervisors making reasonable suspicion drug testing decisions. Our FAA supervisor and FAA employee training programs help you meet these requirements.

The FAA supervisor training requirements are listed in 14 CFR part 120.115[Opens a new browser tab]. Supervisor alcohol education requirements are listed in 14 CFR part 120.115. Here we provide a summary:

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Drug training

Supervisors who will determine when an employee is subject to drug testing based on reasonable suspicion must receive at least 60 minutes of initial training, including specific training on:

  • The effects and consequences of drug use on individual health, safety, and work environment
  • The manifestations and behavioral cues that may indicate drug use and abuse
  • Specific, contemporaneous physical, behavioral, and performance indicators of probable drug use

Employers must also provide recurrent supervisor drug training. The FAA recommends as a best practice that employers conduct recurrent training on a 12-18 month schedule.

Alcohol training

Supervisors who make reasonable suspicion determinations for alcohol testing must receive at least 60 minutes of training on the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of probable alcohol misuse.

Although DOT regulations do not require recurrent alcohol training, the FAA recommends as a best practice to include a review of the alcohol testing requirements while conducting recurrent drug training.

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