Our USCG DOT Drug and Alcohol Training for Supervisors meets DOT training requirements, saves you time on admin tasks, and ensures you learn with interactivity and engagement. In the program learn about:

  • The components and scope of U.S. Coast Guard drug and alcohol testing programs
  • Supervisor roles and responsibilities
  • Signs of current drug and alcohol use
  • And reasonable suspicion training, both determining and carrying out

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Our U.S. Coast Guard Drug and Alcohol Training for Supervisors Program meets all DOT training requirements. We help you get DOT compliant. Our training comes in two formats: online and CD-ROM.

USCG Drug and Alcohol Training Topics

  • Supervisor responsibilities in a DOT USCG drug and alcohol testing program
  • The six components of U.S. Coast Guard drug testing programs
  • the scope of a USCG drug testing program — who must be involved
  • Signs of current drug and alcohol use
  • Reasonable suspicion training, both how to determine reasonable suspicion and carry out a reasonable suspicion test

Make Your Life Easier With Our Training

Instead of dealing with time-consuming administrative tasks, let us take care of administration for you. Our online training streamlines the drug and alcohol training process, allowing you to get through your work faster and more easily.

Make Sure Supervisors Learn the Content

We formulate our training to help supervisors truly learn the content. We do this by including various interactive features in our training. The idea is to help supervisors not only see the content but also put it to use.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (770) 650-6620.

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Our U.S. Coast Guard Drug and Alcohol Training for Supervisors program includes several courses, listed below:

  • Supervisor Awareness Training Introduction: Learn the importance of supervisors in drug and alcohol testing programs, and learn the benefits of drug and alcohol training for supervisors and employers. Also learn how to use the training program interface.
  • Supervisor Training for Drug and Alcohol Testing: Understand the problem of workplace and community substance misuse and abuse. And learn the six components of drug testing programs as well as the six DOT drug testing situations. Also learn about the supervisor's role in DOT drug and alcohol testing programs.
  • Coast Guard Reasonable Suspicion Training: Learn how to determine reasonable suspicion in this course. We lay out the necessary observations and conditions for you to decide to give an employee a drug test.
  • DOT Alcohol Training: Learn all about alcohol. We discuss its effects on the body, signs of current use, blood alcohol concentration, different drinking behaviors, and more.
  • Drug Control, Marijuana, and Cocaine: Learn about two of the 5-panel drugs. We discuss marijuana and cocaine in detail. We also discuss how the federal government classifies and schedules different substances.
  • Amphetamines, Opiates, and PCP: Learn about amphetamines, opiates, and PCP, three of the 5-panel drugs.
  • How to Carry out a Reasonable Suspicion Coast Guard Drug Test: Once you have determined reasonable suspicion, you still have to carry out the drug test. We cover the steps in this course.