Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Our FAA DER Training Program Part One is designed for all FAA designated employer representatives. The program takes around three hours to complete, and you can complete it over several sessions or in one sitting - up to you! And we help you learn the content effectively with interactive features.

Become the expert everyone expects you to be. Learn about:

  • DOT drug testing programs
  • The designated employer representative responsibility
  • DOT drug and alcohol testing procedures
  • Reasonable suspicion training
  • DOT drug and alcohol policy
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FAA DER Training Part One Topics

FAA DER Training Part One covers DOT drug testing program basics. We go over five foundational topics:

  • The components and situations of a DOT drug testing program
  • The designated employer representative responsibility
  • DOT drug and alcohol policy
  • DOT drug and alcohol testing procedures
  • And reasonable suspicion training from the designated employer representative perspective

Gain Know-How in No Time

Our FAA DER Training Part 1 is the first step to becoming a highly proficient DER.

  • The training program takes just three hours to complete
  • You can take it whenever and wherever
  • You don’t have to finish it in one sitting
  • We take care of all the administrative tasks so that your focus is just learning the content and doing your job well
  • So learn the DER fundamentals in a few hours rather than in a few years

Effectively Learn the Content With Our Training Program

We also help you learn more from our training with interactive and engaging features. Don’t just get exposure to the content; get the chance to put it to immediate use.

That is what our training program provides – an opportunity to thoroughly absorb the content.

So do your job well with our FAA DER Training Program Part One!

And please give us a call at (770) 650-6620 with any questions or inquiries you have about our training.

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Our FAA DER Training Part 1 Training includes the following courses:

  • Designated Employer Representative Training Importance: Learn about the importance of the designated employer representative in DOT drug and alcohol testing and the benefits to DER training.
  • DOT Drug and Alcohol Policy Importance: Why is drug and alcohol use and abuse in the workplace a bad thing? We cover the risks and costs associated with drug and alcohol misuse. The dangers affect not only the user or the workplace, but also the community as a whole.
  • DOT Drug Testing Rules and Regulations: We go over the laws and regulations behind DOT drug testing programs. Learn about the six drug testing program components,
    and the six DOT testing situations.
  • Designated Employer Representative Responsibility and Role: Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the designated employer representative. Also, learn the roles of supervisors and employees; as the DER, you often have to advise supervisors and employees.
  • FAA Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Scope: Who is subject to testing in a DOT drug and alcohol testing program? Learn the factors that determine who must partake in the program.
  • FAA Drug and Alcohol Policy: Learn the key elements of DOT FAA drug and alcohol policy. Learn what constitutes a violation and the consequences for each violation.
  • DOT Drug Testing Procedures: Here we go over the DOT drug and alcohol testing processes. Learn the steps in the drug testing process, the possible results that can be gathered from the medical review officer (MRO), the safeguards in drug and alcohol testing, and how to adequately describe all of this information to supervisors and employees.
  • DOT Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training: Learn how to make decisions regarding DOT reasonable suspicion training. The DOT and FAA have specific standards for what constitutes "reasonable suspicion." Learn those standards today!
  • DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training: Learn the four-step process for DOT reasonable suspicion testing in this course. The previous course explains when action is necessary, and this course explains what kind of action must be taken.