Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

The DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors Program meets DOT training requirements, saves you time on administrative work and ensures supervisors learn well with our interactive and engaging training.

Also, receive customized certificates for each trainee when they finish. We moderate their progress to make sure they met the necessary seat-time requirements.

Don't wait until you're in trouble with the DOT to get drug and alcohol training. Choose from our online and CD-ROM formats today!

The program covers:

  • The importance of supervisors in DOT drug testing programs
  • The costs and risks of substance abuse
  • Reasonable suspicion decision-making and testing
  • And facts about the 5-panel drugs
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The DOT requires that transportation companies provide drug and alcohol training to both supervisors and employees. Our training meets DOT requirements and helps you get DOT compliant.

But we know that dealing with drug and alcohol training can be quite a drag and time suck.

Which is why we have made our training knowing that you don’t want to spend buckets of time dealing with it.

And we have also designed our courses to be interactive, engaging, and entertaining. If you are going to take drug and alcohol training, you should at least learn something from it.

DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors Topics

  • Determining reasonable suspicion
  • Our 4-step process for carrying out a reasonable suspicion test
  • Information about the 5-panel drugs: marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates (narcotics), and PCP
  • The costs and risks of substance abuse
  • And the importance of supervisors in DOT drug testing programs

Our Drug and Alcohol Training Formats

Our DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors Program comes in two formats:

  • Online
  • CD-ROM

Save Yourself Time in Administration

These two formats save you time in administrative tasks and allow us to make the training interactive and engaging.

Rather than working overtime getting drug and alcohol training completed, let us take care of administration while you work on something else. Or maybe, get off work early for a change. Here is a list of the tasks we’ll take care of for you:

  • Get the training to all supervisors who need to take it
  • Track and moderate progress
  • Send out DOT reasonable suspicion training certificates to all supervisors who complete the training, assuming they have met the appropriate seat-time required by the DOT
  • So you can deal with more work and rest assured that the training is getting done

Improve Workplace and Community Safety

  • We strive to make our training as high-quality as possible
  • So we include interactive elements and tools to keep you engaged
  • You have to take drug and alcohol training, so it is best if your supervisors actually learn something from the material
  • By learning the material, your supervisors are now more equipped both to prevent and handle any drug and alcohol-related situations that may arise in the workplace
  • There is a reason the DOT requires supervisors and employees to take this stuff…

Save yourself time. Make your workplace and community safer. And meet DOT training requirements all at the same time when you buy our DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors.

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Courses Included
    1. Supervisor Awareness Training Introduction: Understand the importance of supervisors in a DOT drug testing program and recognize the benefits of training for supervisors.
    2.  Supervisor Training for Drug and Alcohol Testing: Learn costs and risks of workplace and community substance misuse. Also, learn the six DOT drug testing program components and the six DOT drug testing situations. Finally, learn the supervisor roles and responsibilities in the testing program
    1. DOT Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training: Learn how to properly determine reasonable suspicion. How certain do you have to be of drug use? What observable signs have to be present for you to pull the trigger? We discuss in this course.

    1. Drug Control, Marijuana, and Cocaine: Learn about two of the 5-panel drugs, marijuana and cocaine. Also, learn how the federal government classifies and schedules drugs. Learn why some drugs are illegal while others are not.

    1. Amphetamines, Opiates, and PCP: We cover the three remaining 5-panel drugs: amphetamines, opiates, and PCP. Learn physical and psychological effects, short and long-term health risks, workplace impact, and signs of current use for each drug.

    1. DOT Alcohol Training: Learn everything you need to know regarding alcohol: beverage alcohol content, blood alcohol concentration, how the body absorbs, breaks down, and expels alcohol, signs of current use, and the impact of abuse on the workplace, among other topics.

  1. DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training:Once you have determined reasonable suspicion, you still have to carry out the drug test. We cover the steps and procedures of a DOT reasonable suspicion drug test here.