Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

FAA DER Training Program: Part 2 provides DERs with the knowledge of drugs and alcohol that they need. Interactive, engaging, and full of info that will help you become the DER expert everyone in your office expects you to be, learn about each of the 5-panel drugs:

  • Physiological effects
  • Signs of current use
  • Short-term and long-term health risks
  • Short-term and long-term safety risks
  • Prevalence and potency
  • Impact on the workplace

Choose from our online or CD format. Our training is interactive and engaging, keeping you on your toes as you take the training. You can take Part Two without having taken FAA DER Training Part One, but you will gain more by taking them together.

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FAA DER Training Part Two Topics

FAA DER Training Program: Part 2 covers two major topics:

  • The first, pertinent information on alcohol
  • Second, facts about the 5-panel drugs: marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and PCP

Alcohol Information

Learn about:

  • The myths revolving around alcohol
  • Blood alcohol concentration
  • How alcohol misuse affects everyone
  • How the body absorbs alcohol
  • How and when intoxication occurs
  • And how the body expels alcohol
  • Risks of heavy drinking
  • Different drinking behavior
  • Factors that affect impairment level

5-Panel Drugs Information

We cover the remaining 5-panel drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, opiates (i.e. narcotics), amphetamines, and phencyclidine (PCP). For each drug, learn about:

  • Physiological effects
  • Signs of current use
  • Short-term risks and long-term risks
  • Impact on the workplace
  • And more…

Quick and Easy Training

  • Online or CD-ROM format
  • Only three hours to complete
  • Quick and easy to take
  • You can take it whenever and wherever, and as much or as little at a time as you like

Actually Learn the Content

We work hard to make our training as interactive and engaging as possible. The more you learn from our training, the better you do your job. And the more value we provide.

We don’t only lay out the content for you; we also give you the opportunity to put that content to use in the training.

With our DER Training you can be the expert everyone in your workplace expects and needs you to be.

Additional Information

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Our FAA DER Training Part 2 is made up of several courses. Each course is listed below:

  • Alcohol Myths and Facts: Learn about the common myths regarding alcohol. Knowing truth from fiction will keep everyone safer when/if someone drinks too much.
  • Alcohol Facts for Making Decisions: Learn accurate, up-to-date info on alcohol that will help you make better decisions on alcohol. Blood alcohol concentration, heavy drinking risks, and different drinking behaviors are covered.
  • Controlling Risky Substances as the DER: Learn about the characteristics of psychoactive drugs as well as how the federal government controls such substances. We discuss how drugs are classified.
  • Facts on Marijuana for the DOT DER: Learn pertinent facts about marijuana: myths, prevalence, potency, physical and psychological effects, and its effect on the workplace are all covered.
  • Facts on Cocaine for the DOT DER: Learn about cocaine, one of the most potent stimulants in nature. Also learn about crack, cocaine's ugly cousin. We cover physical and psychological effects, signs of use, and impact on the workplace.
  • Facts on Amphetamines for the DOT DER: Learn about amphetamines, including methamphetamine and ecstasy. We cover their effects, their impact on the workplace, and their signs of current use.
  • Facts on Opiates for the DOT DER: Learn all about opiates in this course. Drugs included in the opiate family are heroin and prescription narcotics. Often prescribed for pain relief, these drugs are very habit-forming.
  • Facts on PCP for the DOT DER: Learn about PCP in this course. We go over its physical and psychological effects, its signs of current use, and basic information about how to deal with PCP dependency.