Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Training for Employees is for commercial drivers subject to DOT FMCSA drug and alcohol testing. The FMCSA requires that these drivers get drug and alcohol training. This training program:

  • Meets DOT and FMCSA training requirements, ensuring DOT compliance
  • Takes about 1 hour to complete
  • Interactive and engaging, helping drivers get the most from the training
  • Includes the following topics:
    • Non-DOT vs. DOT drug testing
    • FMCSA drug and alcohol policy
    • DOT drug testing procedures
    • Facts about drugs and alcohol
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The DOT and FMCSA outline the requirements for DOT drug and alcohol testing programs in 49 CFR Part 382, which is a huge body of work. We have created our training after reading 49 CFR Part 382 line-for-line and extracting the essential elements. We have made sure that our training meets DOT training requirements and will assure DOT compliance in the case of an audit.

FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Training for Employees gives commercial drivers, and any employee who must partake in a DOT drug and alcohol program, all of the information they need to stay in line with the FMCSA and DOT.

FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Training for Employees Topics

  • The difference between a DOT and non-DOT drug testing program
  • FMCSA drug and alcohol policy
  • DOT drug testing procedures
  • And facts about drugs and alcohol

Improve Workplace and Community Safety with Employee Training

  • Make sure employees have the knowledge on drugs and alcohol to make good decisions
  • They must learn from their training then
  • But much training out there will not help employees truly absorb the material
  • Which is why we make our training interactive and engaging — not only do you see the info, you also put it to use in our training courses
  • So you have a safer, more productive workplace!


Save Yourself Time with Our Employee Training

  • We take care of the administrative tasks for you
  • No longer do you have to make sure that everyone attends a four-hour seminar for drug and alcohol training
  • And no longer do you have to keep track of documentation of completion
  • We provide certificates of completion
  • We also moderate their seat-time to make sure they met the DOT seat-time requirement for drug and alcohol training
  • And you get back some time in your workday. That could mean getting back to tackling more pressing business matters. It could also mean getting out of the office at 4pm rather than 5pm. We all can dream, right?
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Courses Included

Our FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Training for Employees includes the following courses:


    • FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Policy: Learn driver violations and the consequences for those violations. We go into detail on the subject in this course.


    • DOT Drug Testing Procedures: Learn how to carry out a DOT drug test effectively. We cover the necessary steps and procedures in this course.


    • DOT Alcohol Training: We discuss alcohol in depth in this course. Learn its efects on the body as well as on the workplace. Also, learn about blood alcohol concentration and factors that affect intoxication.



  • Amphetamines, Opiates, and PCP: We discuss amphetamines, opiates, and PCP in detail in this course. Learn their health and safety effects, impact on the workplace, and more.