Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Employee Education Requirements

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Tennesse grants a 5% annual workers’ compensation premium discount to employers who put together and keep a certified drug-free workplace. Employee education and supervisor training are required components for an employer to get drug-free workplace certification.

The Tennessee employee drug and alcohol education requirements are listed in the rules of the Tennessee Dept. of Labor. [Opens a new browser tab.] Here is a summary of the Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Employee Education Requirements

Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Employee Education Requirements Summary

Employers must provide at least one-hour of a education for all employees each year. The topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • The addictive disease of substance abuse, such as:
    1. The disease of addiction
    2. Defining use versus abuse
    3. The recovering employee in the workplace
    4. Why people abuse substances
    5. Avoiding relapse in the workplace
    6. The role of the family in addressing substance abuse and addiction
    7. The role of co-workers in addressing substance abuse and addiction
    8. The role of co-workers in maintaining a drug-free workplace
    9. Alcoholics Anonymous: History of the AA Program
  • The effects and dangers of the commonly abused substances in the workplace, such as:
    1. Stress and the workplace
    2. Safety and the workplace
    3. Warning signs
    4. The most commonly abused drugs in the workplace (e.g.; marijuana, cocaine/crack, inhalants, alcohol, opiates, hallucinogens, or prescription drugs, etc.)
    5. The physical and psychological effects related to the abuse of the above drugs, and others
    6. The health and medical risks of substance abuse
    7. Avoiding substance abuse through wellness, exercise, diet, etc.
  • The employer’s policies and procedures regarding workplace substance abuse, and treatment options for employees

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"We needed to get our employees and supervisors trained quickly to get our Tennessee drug-free workplace certification. They put together training courses for us that covered the right topics and met the time requirements. They're very helpful and easy to work with. The training was easy to take. I enjoyed the interactions. And I learned things, and I already knew a lot. I also like the way they review performance before handing out certificates. People don't get certificates until they meet the requirements."
Audrey E.
Training manager, General Contractor, Memphis, TN

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