Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Our Drug-Free Workplace Policy, Program, and Testing Training is for employees in a drug-free workplace testing program. It is the first of six Drug-Free Workplace Employee Education training programs we offer. Give your employees the right information so they will make quality choices. Learn about:

  • The purposes and components of drug-free workplace programs
  • Substance abuse policies
  • Drug testing in the workplace. Learn about the steps and safeguards to drug and alcohol testing


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Our Drug-Free Workplace Policy, Programs, and Testing Training will help you improve your company’s productivity and safety in very little time. The training takes just one hour to complete. Learn about:

  • The purposes of drug-free workplace testing programs
  • Substance abuse policy
  • And the drug and alcohol testing steps and safeguards

High-Quality, Interactive Training

Our training is interactive and engaging so that employees learn the material. We pride ourselves on:

  • Our extensive knowledge of drugs and alcohol testing programs, policy, and regulation
  • And on our ability to make high-quality training

Make Your Company Safer

And the better the training, and the more employees learn, the safer your workplace becomes. Employees have better information and can therefore make better decisions. Not that they necessarily will, but as a collective they will.

And they will also be able to better recognize when something is amiss with another employee; they will better see the signs of a substance issue. So then your workplace is more likely to prevent incidents related to drugs and alcohol.

Make Your Workplace More Productive

Even more, substances in the workplace are a huge distraction! If even one person in the workplace is using a substance at work, it affects everyone, something we discuss in the training program.

We really get into the costs and risks of substance use and abuse in the workplace.

But again, with better knowledge, employees will make better choices, and you will have fewer drug and alcohol-related issues in your workplace.

Buy our Drug-Free Workplace Policy, Programs, and Testing Training today.

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Our Drug-Free Workplace Policy, Programs, and Testing Training has two courses:

  • Drug-Free Workplace Program and Policy: Learn how substance misuse affects everyone, how drug free workplace programs help both employers and employees, the components of drug free workplace programs, the key features of substance abuse policy, and the types of assistance companies can offer employees.
  • Drug Testing in the Workplace: We thoroughly describe the non-DOT drug testing process. We also cover the safeguards involved in drug testing. Then, we go over the alcohol testing process as well as the safeguards. Make sure you know the drug testing process well.