Partnership Opportunities

There are several ways in which we can potentially work with each other. Read below to find out how we can help each other out.

Affiliate Partner

Affiliate partners actively market our training products to their clients and refer qualified leads, typically through links, to Drug-Free Biz in exchange for commissions on each sale they generate. When you bring a lead that generates a sale, you get your cut of the sale.

E-Learning Reseller

E-Learning Resellers take a more active role in the sales process. They market, sell and deliver our online training to their clients through their own learning management systems (LMS), typically for a revenue share. Optionally, they can let us take care of the training delivery as well.

Product Partners

Product Partners bundle Drug-Free Biz’s training with their own products and services for sale to new customers at special pricing. Financial arrangements are negotiated.

Certified Instructors/Licensing

Certified Instructors license our instructor-led training materials at commercial rates and receive training on delivering our courses in classrooms and through webinars.

If You Have Any Interest in Working Together, Give Us a Call Today