Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

FMCSA DER Training Part Three is intended for all FMCSA designated employer representatives, especially those who have already taken Part One and Part Two. This program can be taken without the first two parts, though. Learn about:

  • FMCSA post-accident drug testing
  • FMCSA pre-employment drug testing
  • FMCSA random drug testing
  • FMCSA return-to-duty drug testing
  • DOT drug and alcohol testing issues
  • And DOT drug testing program administration

This program takes 2.5-3 hours to complete. Choose from online or CD format.

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FMCSA DER Training Part Three: the DER and DOT Compliance

In FMCSA DER Training Part Three: the DER and DOT Compliance, we cover DOT pre-employment drug testing, DOT post-accident drug testing, DOT random drug testing, DOT return-to-duty steps and procedures, common issues in DOT drug and alcohol testing, and DOT testing program administration.

We cover the remaining five DOT drug testing situations, and we discuss all of the third-party agencies and individuals that the designated employer representative must deal with on the administrative side of the DOT drug testing program.

Save Time and Effort

Our FMCSA DER training comes directly from the laws and regulations guiding FMCSA drug and alcohol testing programs. And we structure our training in light of those laws and regulations.

Our training program provides you with a complete system from which you can operate. No more feeling dis-oriented and lost in a sea of questions. You don’t have to sift from one government website to another in search of solutions. Our FMCSA DER training is a complete methodology.

Rather than working overtime and seeing little results from it, get off work early after accomplishing much.

Thoroughly Learn the DER Role

We make our training programs interactive and engaging so that you can completely absorb the content.

The better you learn, the better a designated employer representative you become. And the better a DER you are, the safer your workplace and community are.

Everyone in your workplace expects you to be a drug and alcohol expert, and we can help make sure you stand up to those great expectations.

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Our FMCSA DER Training Part 3 includes several courses. Those courses are listed below:

  • The DOT Pre-Employment Drug Test: Learn the DOT pre-employment drug testing process. We discuss when you have to carry out the test and how you properly gather applicant information from prior employers. Confidentiality is key.
  • FMCSA Post-Accident Drug Testing Requirements: What constitutes an accident according to the FMCSA? It is technically defined in the regulations. And when and who do you drug test once you've determined an accident has occurred? Learn in this course.
  • Random DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing: We start by discussing the very nature of random testing. Then we get into how to initiate a DOT random drug testing program and how to carry out a random drug test.
  • FMCSA DOT Return-to-Duty Requirements: The DOT return-to-duty requires several steps and parties when properly carried out. It is made intentionally difficult. Learn the steps and parties that you must go through and involve.
  • DOT Drug Test Issues: It is easy to make a mistake, and we go over the most common DOT drug test mistakes in this course. Learn what to avoid, and don't make the rookie mistakes.
  • DOT Alcohol Test Issues: We cover the common DOT alcohol test mistakes made. It is easy to avoid these mistakes so long as you know them.
  • DOT Drug Testing Program Administration: Service agents, medical review officers (MRO), and substance abuse professionals (SAP) - all of these are third parties that the designated employer representative must involve in the DOT drug testing program. The administrative side of the DER responsibility can be a confusing web, but we untangle it in this course.