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We cover the four step process for DOT reasonable suspicion testing here, emphasizing accurate and timely documentation as well as strict confidentiality. In the training course you will learn:

How To Promptly Remove Suspected Employee(s) From Safety-Sensitive Duties

We discuss the process and steps you must take to get an employee out of dangerous and risky situations when you suspect intoxication of some kind. We cover what to do and what NOT to do in this situation.

It takes swift and authoritative action. If you wait, or don’t act on your suspicion, it means potential for an accident that otherwise could have been avoided. And that certainly doesn’t mean anything good.

How To Confront Suspected Employee With Articulable and Present-Time Observations

You have to remove employees from safety-sensitive duties and confront them at the very time that you see them impaired by alcohol or drugs. You cannot wait a day or two or three. It has to happen as soon as you recognize it. Failure to act swiftly can lead to a host of problems, many involving the DOT.

Learn how to act promptly and with solid backing for you action. You have to be prepared to lay out the specific reasons for why you removed the employee from duty. Then you have to be ready to administer a drug and alcohol test, leading us to our next point.

How To Administer a Reasonable Suspicion Drug Test

Keep in mind that it has to happen as soon as possible. You cannot hesitate or delay in testing the employee under suspicion.

After you have removed them from duty and laid out for them and the DOT all the reasons why you removed them, you must administer the drug test. We cover the steps you must follow to carry out the drug test.

The steps are intended to keep everyone safe through the process and ensure that the drug testing sample is accurate.

How To Act On The Drug Test Results

Finally, we explain how you need to act once the reasonable suspicion drug test results return to you. Your actions should be based on the employers’ DOT drug and alcohol testing policy, as we will explain in detail in the course.

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