Drug-Free Workplace Program and Policy

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This course examines the problem of community and workplace substance abuse, how drug-free workplace (DFWP) programs can reduce costs and risks, and the key elements of drug free workplace policy.

The course covers the following topics:

How Substance Misuse Affects All of Us

Substance misuse doesn’t just affect the misuser. It also affects everyone the misuser interacts with on a daily basis.

We discuss how substance abuse sends ripples through an entire workplace and community. It leads to a drop in productivity, toxic workplace culture and environment, and a greater likelihood of accident and injury, of which your company will probably be liable for.

We want your employees to come to work excited to get after it.

We don’t want employees feeling as if they have to walk around on eggshells because of the volatility of other employees who are abusing drugs and alcohol.

Drug and alcohol abuse create divisiveness and volatility, both of which can kill a team.

How Drug Free Workplaces Help Employees and Supervisors

Drug free workplaces help rid the workplace of drug and alcohol abuse.

Ridding the workplace of drug and alcohol abuse brings along three changes.

First, your workplace becomes safer. Drunken and high employees and supervisors tend to make worse decisions than sober ones.

Second, as we discussed earlier, your workplace culture improves. Intoxicated co-workers are difficult to deal with, and they make the workplace a less inviting and comfortable place.

Third, as a result of the prior two changes, your overall workplace productivity improves. Employees and supervisors are better able to communicate with co-workers, there’s less drama going on, and everyone is safer in general.

Your workplace becomes a space for employees and supervisors to get to business rather than one where they’re constantly having to avoid any risky business.

Components of a Typical Drug Free Workplace Program

We cover the basics of drug free workplace programs: the key components and aspects.

Learn about what goes into a fully-functioning employer-authority drug free workplace program.

Key Elements of a Drug-Free Workplace Policy

We go into detail about the elements of a drug free workplace policy, providing you with insight into the whole scope of the policy and program.

Learn what a drug free workplace policy template looks like as well as a drug and alcohol policy statement.

Types of Assistance Companies Might Offer to Employees

Learn what types of assistance, other than employee education, companies might offer to employees.

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