FMCSA Random Drug Testing

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The Nature of Random Drug Testing

We discuss the nature of random drug testing, and that it is, well, random. Employers pool all employees together and then select employees from that pool, meaning every employee has the same chance of taking a drug test.

And if an employer selects an employee for one drug test, that does not exempt her from following drug tests. The employee’s name goes back in the pool, and the employer randomly draws names. Meaning the odds of drawing any one employee are still the same.

Random Drug Testing Procedures

After explaining the nature of random drug testing, we get into FMCSA random drug testing rules and procedures. Learn the DOT random drug testing requirements and the DOT random drug testing frequency.

Then, we go through each step of the random drug testing process. We want the process to be second-nature to you.

We also make sure to include lots of interactive elements in this section so that you absorb the material.

How to Initiate a Random Drug Testing Program as per FMCSA Rules

Then we discuss how you must go about setting up an FMCSA random drug testing program. Do you need to use a third-party consortium, or can you keep your random testing in-house? How do you ensure that the drawing is random?

We discuss the process of starting up the program in this section.

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