Drug-Free Workplace Supervisor Training

We offer our drug-free workplace supervisor training in two formats: online and CD-ROM. Our training programs can be completed in ONE hour and help you get state certified. Browse our catalog below.


Our Drug-Free Workplace Training is for supervisors in a drug-free workplace program, especially those who are new to the program and/or need refreshing in the fundamentals of drug-free workplaces.

Learn about:

  • The benefits of training
  • The supervisor role in a drug-free workplace program
  • Drug-free workplace program components
  • The four drug and alcohol testing situations
  • And workplace substance abuse policy

Drug-Free Workplace Training meets state certification requirements and helps you get a workers comp premium discount and tax breaks. So improve workplace safety and productivity by giving your supervisors the training they need.


Our Non-DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors is for supervisors who need to carry out reasonable suspicion testing. Get drug-free workplace state certification, save time on admin tasks, and make your workplace safer and more productive with this program. Learn the following:

  • How to recognize the indicators of current drug and alcohol use
  • How to make reasonable suspicion decisions
  • And our 4-step reasonable suspicion testing process


Our Managing Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace Training is for supervisors looking to improve their skills in dealing with workplace performance problems when drugs and alcohol are involved.

It meets certification requirements, enhances learning through interactive elements, and saves you time on admin tasks. Learn about:

  • How to identify and respond to urgent and routine performance issues
  • How to avoid enabling behavior
  • And how to constructively confront employees dealing with substance and/or work performance issues

Make sure you can positively influence your employees and get our training today!

Save Time

Our training takes care of administration for you. So you can get to more of your work today.

Meet DOT Requirements

Meet DOT training requirements when you get our training. We make sure that each trainee meets the necessary seat time before providing certification.

Learn Well

Our training is interactive and engaging, so you learn more. And the more you learn, the safer and productive your company is.

Drug-Free Workplace Supervisor Training Courses

Drug Testing in the Workplace

Our Drug Testing in the Workplace Course de-mystifies drug and alcohol testing, providing facts and explaining the safeguards that protect donors. Learn about the following

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