U.S. Coast Guard Drug and Alcohol Training

We provide U.S. Coast Guard drug and alcohol supervisor training. Our training always meets DOT training requirements. Get our easy-to-administer USCG Supervisor Training today.


Our USCG DOT Drug and Alcohol Training for Supervisors meets DOT training requirements, saves you time on admin tasks, and ensures you learn with interactivity and engagement. In the program learn about:

  • The components and scope of U.S. Coast Guard drug and alcohol testing programs
  • Supervisor roles and responsibilities
  • Signs of current drug and alcohol use
  • And reasonable suspicion training, both determining and carrying out

Save Time

Our training takes care of administration for you. So you can get to more of your work today.

Meet DOT Requirements

Meet DOT training requirements when you get our training. We make sure that each trainee meets the necessary seat time before providing certification.

Learn Well

Our training is interactive and engaging, so you learn more. And the more you learn, the safer and productive your company is.

U.S. Coast Guard Drug and Alcohol Training Courses

Below is a list of all the training courses included in our U.S Coast Guard Drug and Alcohol Training Program.

Amphetamines, Opiates, and PCP

This DOT course provides important facts about three of the DOT 5-panel drugs: amphetamines, including methamphetamine and ecstasy; opiates, including heroin and prescription narcotics; and

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DOT Alcohol Training

Our DOT Alcohol Training Course is an overview of alcohol, the most commonly abused drug. When you take this course you will learn: The Effects

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