Signs of Drug Use in the Workplace

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How can you tell if someone is under the influence of drugs? It is an important skill for supervisors with employees who are doing jobs that pose some level of safety risk.

Our Signs of Drug Use in the Workplace Course provides supervisors with accurate, up-to-date information about indicators of current drug and alcohol use.

The focus is on current drug and alcohol use. As a supervisor, you are most concerned with employee drug and alcohol use at work.

The Types of Signs that Can Indicate Current Alcohol or Drug Use

Learn about the types of signs of drug and alcohol use. Again, we focus on current use. Current use is of greater concern to supervisors. We categorize the signs that may present with current drug and alcohol use.

The Signs of Current Alcohol Use

Alcohol has a variety of signs of use. At moderate amounts, it may be challenging to spot. But the more alcohol the employee consumes, the more apparent the signs.

Slurred speech, loss of balance and coordination — we go over all of the signs.

Signs of Current Use of Illegal Drugs

Examples of illegal drugs include cannabinoids, amphetamines, opiates, and PCP.

We cover the signs of use for each drug. The signs vary by drug, and each may present differently in different people.

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