The DOT Pre-Employment Drug Test

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This course covers DOT pre employment drug testing for the designated employer representative. We also cover FAA pre-employment drug testing and FMCSA pre-employment drug testing.

In the DOT Pre Employment Drug Test Course you will learn:

When the DOT Requires Pre-Employment Drug Testing

The DOT has specific rules for when pre employment drug and alcohol testing is required. The rules are more or less straightforward, but they are specific. So you have to know the rules.

Otherwise, you may make mistakes regarding when to implement a DOT pre employment drug test.

Whether you make use of the pre employment drug test depends on the potential role of the prospective employee: are they going to carry out a DOT safety sensitive position? If so, more often than not pre employment testing is required. But that is not always the case, and we go into greater detail in the course.

How To Identify and Gather Required Info From Previous Employers

The DOT requires you to obtain certain information on prospective employees from past employers, assuming that information exists. If you fail to seek out that information when it is in the hands of previous employers, that’s on you.

Even more, you have to get that information from previous employers through specific confidential channels. The DOT emphasizes that you keep past drug testing and other information confidential.

Failure to keep this information confidential can lead to consequences at the hands of none other than the DOT.

How To Provide Information to Employers According to DOT Rules

The DOT requires that you communicate information on prospective employees to employers in a specific manner. Again, the process is straightforward.

But it is one that you need to know if you are going to avoid making mistakes and let information move out of the proper channels. That can leave you open for legal repercussions.

How to Conduct any Pre Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing According to DOT Rules

Again, the theme persists – specific rules that are straightforward. The DOT lays out a process for carrying out a DOT pre employment drug test, and you must know that process well if you are going to carry it out properly.

Not difficult, but it requires the knowledge that comes in this DOT course.

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