Alcohol Myths and Facts

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Our Alcohol Myths and Facts Course provides the truth of common myths regarding alcohol, and it is intended for designated employer representatives, though it provides general info for everyone. It is included in our DOT DER Training Programs.

In the course you will learn:

Examples of How Alcohol Affects Everyone – Not Just Drinkers

We run through instances and circumstances in which alcohol wreaks havoc not only on the drinker but also those around the drinker on a day-to-day basis.

Learn how alcohol abuse, especially in a DOT safety-sensitive position, sends ripples through the entire workplace and community.

How The Body Absorbs and Distributes Alcohol

The process is different that how the body digests and absorbs food. We get into blood alcohol concentration (BAC), and the physiological processes that go on any time you take a drink. Learn the basis of alcohol’s effects on the body.

How and When Intoxication Occurs

Intoxication occurs when the body’s rate of processing alcohol isn’t fast enough relative to the amount of alcohol being ingested. Basically, the more you drink and the faster you drink, the more likely you are to become intoxicated. And your BAC level will indicate as much.

We discuss why some drinkers get intoxicated faster than others, covering all the general factors.

Of course this topic can get much more detailed and scientific, but we keep it simple and straightforward. No talk of genetics, biochemistry, and organic chemistry here. Just the practical factors that impact intoxication levels.

How The Body Eliminates Alcohol

A big part of your BAC and intoxication level depends on how fast you body eliminates the alcohol. That being said, we discuss how your body breaks down and eliminates alcohol. Learn the process in our training course.

Common Alcohol Myths About Getting Sober

Finally, we discuss some common myths regarding getting sober. We hate to be the messenger of bad tidings, but the only true way of sobering up is to give it time, something that we never feel we have enough of – one more reason not to waste it on a bender and hangover!

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