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Our DOT Alcohol Training Course is an overview of alcohol, the most commonly abused drug. When you take this course you will learn:

The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

We explain how the body absorbs, distributes, and metabolizes alcohol. Obviously, the process places a tax on the body, and it takes time. And it can be over-burdened if you consume too much alcohol too quickly.

And we discuss blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and how it relates to your body’s ability to break down alcohol. Blood alcohol concentration is our measure for intoxication. The higher your blood alcohol concentration, by law, the more intoxicated you are.

And depending on who you are, your BAC may not rise at all with one drink — or it may shoot up to the point where you are “legally” intoxicated, even if it doesn’t seem that way. We discuss the factors that play into how alcohol affects your blood alcohol concentration and why it can very from person to person and even with you at different times.

Different Drinking Behaviors and Their Significance

Alcohol Awareness Training then covers the different drinking behaviors. We discuss the drinking behaviors that fall into the category of acceptable and healthy and what behaviors skew from that. (Say hi to that person in the office who chronically binge drinks in isolation!)

And we discuss why drinking behaviors can be indicators of more fundamental drinking problems, signaling dependence on alcohol.

The Signs of Current Alcohol Use

It is important in a DOT setting for you, whether you are a supervisor or employee, to notice signs of current alcohol use. Employees and supervisors carrying out “safety-sensitive” tasks under alcohol’s influence is a bad mix.

Alcohol Awareness Training covers in detail the signs of current alcohol use.

If you can stop someone from making a drastic mistake because you recognize the signs, you will have served the company and, most importantly, the community in a very meaningful way.

That’s why we do what we do, providing interactive drug and alcohol training that helps you actually learn the material. This content is boring, yes, but quite important.

Alcohol Self-Assessment

At the end of the course we provide you with a tool to assess your own drinking and whether you might have a more complicated relationship with alcohol than you you realized.

Honesty is the best policy here! Because lie now, and you will pay later in some not-so-great way. But be honest, and you can nip this baby before it comes to metaphorical blows.

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