Common Drugs in the Workplace

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There are plenty of reasons for drug testing in the workplace. The major one being that drugs in the workplace are quite common.

In our Common Drugs in the Workplace Course, which is part of our Uppers, Downers, and All-Arounders Training Program, we discuss the commonly abused drugs in the workplace.

We cover both legal and illegal drugs. If you are to recognize the signs of drug use in the workplace, you need to understand the effects of those drugs. And we cover the effects of all the different common drugs of abuse in this course.

Psychoactive Drugs

We discuss the effects and signs of psychoactive drugs, and we explain why they are often abused.

Facts about Stimulants, or “Uppers”

The drugs that fall in this category are caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, and cocaine.

We go over the effects they have on users and why people often gravitate to these drugs.

We explain the perceived beneficial effects they have as well as the long-term detrimental effects they have both on the user and the workplace.

Facts about Depressants, or “Downers”

Examples of depressant drugs are ethanol, prescription depressants, opiates, and inhalants.

We explain why people use them and their toxic effects on workplaces and the individual user.

Facts about Drugs with Mixed Effects, or “All-Arounders”

Examples are cannabanoids, hallucinogens, and steroids.

These drugs provide more varied effects. We discuss signs and symptoms of use along with the effects they have.

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