Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Our Uppers, Downers, and All-Arounders Training provides employees with high-quality information on drugs and alcohol. The training will help them make better decisions, keeping your workplace safe and productive.

Also, our training helps employers meet contractor, state certification and association requirements. You may qualify for a workers comp discount and tax benefits. Learn about:

  • Uppers, or stimulants
  • Downers, or depressants and sedatives
  • All-arounders, or cannabinoids and hallucinogens, among other substances
  • How the federal government controls risky substances, including the 5-panel drugs, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter drugs
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Uppers, Downers, and All-Arounders Training Program Topics

So what do you need to know about uppers, downers, and all-arounders? We define each category and explain the drugs that fit into each one. Learn:

  • General info and effects of uppers, downers, and all-arounders
  • How the federal government controls risky substances. The government controls the 5-panel drugs along with various prescription medications.

Interactive, Engaging Training That Will Positively Influence Employees

So we know that most employees aren’t going to be thrilled at the prospect of taking drug and alcohol training. It seems boring, tedious, and unlikely to provide any insight. We get it.

Which is why we work hard to:

  • Ensure that our training is interactive and engaging and packed with loads of information that people are not going to already know.
  • Make sure that our training is not purely procedural. We want it to be productive for our trainees.
  • Engage trainees. Employees may go in uninspired and annoyed, but hopefully they come out of it interested and having learned a thing or two.

If we can do that, not only do we stand to influence our trainees’ decision-making regarding alcohol, but we also influence the safety and productivity of their workplace. And the better the training, the more likely this effect will occur.

Make sure your employees have the best drug and alcohol information possible and help build a safer, more productive workplace. Get our training today.

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Our Uppers, Downers, and All-Arounder Training includes two courses, listed below:

  • Common Drugs in the Workplace: Learn about uppers, or stimulants; downers, or depressants; and all-arounders, or drugs with mixed effects. We discuss why psychoactive drugs are commonly abused.
  • Controlling Risky Drugs: Learn how risky drugs are categorized, classified, and scheduled by the federal government. We explain why some drugs are illegal while others are not.