DOT Drug Testing Procedures

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This course focuses on the DOT drug testing procedures. In this course you will learn:

The Steps to DOT Drug Testing

We go over in detail the DOT drug testing procedures and process. Getting the process right requires that you know the process well. If you don’t have the information, though, you will make mistakes, and mistakes often come with a price tag. So save yourself the hassle and take a look at our training programs that include this course below.

The Possible Drug Testing Results

The medical review officer (MRO) reports drug test results to the designated employer representative. Learn what the possible drug test results are. And no, it’s not quite as simple as positive and negative.

The Safeguards in DOT Drug Testing

Make sure that you know the safeguards in DOT drug testing. Mistakes can lead to skewed drug results, lost time, and reduced donor safety, among other things, if you’re not clear with what you’re doing. Mistakes invariably lead to a loss of time and money, and you don’t want to be on the short end of it. So stick with us. We got you!

DOT Alcohol Testing Steps, Results, and Safeguards

We then go through the same content with DOT alcohol testing. Learn the steps, the possible results, and the safeguards to protect donors and ensure accurate test results. DOT drug and alcohol testing procedures are clear enough — if you have learned those procedures! If not, good luck to you… Or you can take a look at our training programs that include this course and make sure that you know this stuff.

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