Random DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

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This course is designed for designated employer representatives looking to understand their role in the random DOT drug and alcohol testing process.

We also provide supervisor training on the same topic: FMCSA Random Drug Testing or FAA Random Drug Testing.

In the course you will learn:

The Nature of Random DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

Random testing is by nature random, meaning everyone who is partaking in the program has equal chance of being selected to take a drug test. Just because you were selected once before does not mean that you won’t be selected again.

Each random draw is independent of the preceding draws. So please don’t assume that if you already were randomly selected that your odds are any lower for getting selected the next time.

The Impact of Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

But think about what happens if you were to assume that, because you got selected once before, your odds for being selected again are lower. Faulty as it may be, you feel like it is less of a risk to use one of the substances your employer tests for.

And herein lies the root function of random drug testing. Because there is persistent risk of a drug test, even though the likelihood of having to take a drug test may be low, the mere chance of selection compels you to stay away from the 5 panel drugs.

As soon as the likelihood of a drug test wanes, you feel safer using the 5 panel drugs. But in a random drug testing program that draws periodically, that drug test threat is constant. So you never feel safe using, and that is the magic, really.

How To Initiate a DOT Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

We go into the DOT random drug testing rules and the process for initiating the program. Should you use a drug testing consortium? What should be the DOT random drug testing frequency? We answer these questions.

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