FAA Post-Accident Drug Testing

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FAA post-accident drug testing is one of the six testing situations that is wrapped in FAA drug testing regulations. Our course aims at explaining the regulations around post-accident testing and clarifying the steps that the supervisor must take. We keep it clear and practical.

In the course you will learn:

What Constitutes an Accident under FAA Regulation

We discuss the definition of an accident by FAA standards. The definition is actually quite specific, and if you are going to administer post-accident drug testing correctly, it is best to know when it is warranted. You need the information in this section to know when to test.

When and Whom To Test Following an Accident

After determining that an employee has been in an FAA-defined accident, when and who do you test?

It is important to test the driver or pilot as promptly as possible. As long as you administer the drug test within a certain period of time the process is typically simple. If you wait and drag your feet the process becomes a bit trickier, as you have to file paperwork explaining why you weren’t able to get a drug test administered in time.

Remember, you want to carry out the drug testing promptly because you want the results to be as close as possible to the drug and alcohol levels at the time of the accident.

Post-Accident Testing Procedures

So you get to the accident site, and you know you need to test the pilot or driver. How do you actually carry the drug test out?

We outline the steps involved in administering the post-accident drug test, making it simple and practical. Making mistakes here can lead to potential harm to the subject as well as inaccurate test results. So make sure to avoid the pitfalls involved with administering the drug test.

Employees’ Responsibilities

What should the employee do if they are in an accident?

Regardless of law enforcement proceedings, employees need to make themselves available for their employer’s post-accident drug testing, assuming they are able to. We go into detail on the steps employees must take if they find themselves in an accident.

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