How to Stop Enabling Behavior in the Workplace

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Our How to Stop Enabling Behavior in the Workplace Course explores the two barriers that supervisors must overcome when confronting employees about substance use – or any other workplace issue.

Learn what enabling behavior is as well as different types of enabling behavior.

The Risks of Delaying Action on a Workplace Issue

It can be challenging when it comes time to speak truthfully to an employee about some negative aspects of their work or behavior.

You want to have that conversation in a way that is going to lead to the employee making positive change, for themselves and for the company.

But one false step and the conversation can easily take a turn for the worse, leading to little or no positive change and a tumultuous work environment.

We discuss the importance of timely and appropriate action. Act swiftly with all the authority you can muster.

We discuss why delaying action on a workplace issue leads to risk in the workplace, especially when drugs and alcohol are involved.

The Dangers of Enabling

We cover the problems that arise when supervisors and co-workers enable fellow employees to drink and use substances.

Types of Enabling Behavior in the Workplace

Then we get into different ways in which we enable substance abusers. Learn whether you have ever accidentally enabled someone in their negative behavior.

How to Address Enabling Behavior

Then we discuss how to address the enabling behavior, all with the intent to invoke change in the substance user and/or abuser.

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