Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Our Amphetamines and Opiates in the Workplace Training will help employers qualify for certification of drug-free workplace, association certification, and contractor requirements. It will also improve workplace safety and productivity.

For both amphetamines and opiates, learn about:

  • Prevalence and potency
  • Physical and psychological effects
  • Short-term and long-term health risks
  • The truth about common myths
  • Impact on the workplace
  • And signs of current use
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Our Amphetamines and Opiates in the Workplace Training covers the facts behind amphetamines and opiates.

Amphetamines and Opiates in the Workplace Training Topics

Amphetamines, including methamphetamine and ecstasy, are powerful and addictive central nervous system stimulants. And opiates, also referred to as narcotics, are potent and addictive depressants.

The program covers:

  • natural opiates
  • semi-synthetic opiates (e.g., morphine, opium, heroin, codeine)
  • synthetic narcotics (e.g., oxycodone, hydrocodone, darvon), which are frequently prescribed for pain relief and have become widely abused
  • Amphetamines, methamphetamine, and other amphetamine-type substances (ATS)

And for each drug, We cover the following facts:

  • Physical and psychological effects
  • Short and long-term health effects
  • Effect on the workplace
  • Signs of current use
  • And general information for treating dependency

Save Money With Our Training

Our training saves you money in a couple of ways:

  • By decreasing the chance of an accident, lowering the likelihood of injury and accident costs
  • By helping you get state certified as a drug-free workplace, which brings workers’ comp discounts and tax breaks
  • By making it easier for you to get contract work, as most companies hiring contractors will require certification

Interactive and Engaging Training

The idea of taking drug and alcohol training does not thrill most employees. They think it will be dull, a waste of time, and not very insightful.

But this assumption is exactly what motivates us to make our training great.

We add interactive elements and features to our training. We want trainees not only to see the material, but also to put the material to use. Engaging and grappling with the content is the best way to learn that material.

We also work hard to research our course content thoroughly. Our goal is to cut through misconceptions and replace them with truth. We want to surprise our trainees.

Most employees may go into our training thinking it is purely procedural. But hopefully their ideas about our training will have changed after they complete it.

We’ve had many trainees tell us they were surprised by what they learned in the training and were also impressed with the interactivity.

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Our Amphetamines and Opiates in the Workplace Training includes two courses. Below we list and describe each:

  • Amphetamines in the Workplace: Learn facts about amphetamine use. Subsets of amphetamines are methamphetamine and ecstasy. Learn health risks, signs of current amphetamine-type substances (ATS), impact of ATS on the workplace, ATS physical and psychological effects, and more.
  • Opiates in the Workplace: Learn detailed and up-to-date information on opiates, also called narcotics. We cover the impact of narcotics on the workplace, signs of current use, health and safety risks, physical and psychological effects of narcotics, and more.