Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Our Effects of Alcohol in the Workplace and On You Training informs employees about alcohol's effects on the workplace and helps them make better choices. And if all of your employees have the right information, your workplace will be better for it.

Learn about:

  • Alcohol risks and costs to workers and workplaces
  • Common myths about alcohol and its consumption
  • Alcohol facts and information to help employees make good decisions
  • Beverage alcohol content
  • Blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
  • Intoxication levels
  • Impairment rate factors
  • Drinking behaviors
  • And an assessment of your own drinking (if you care to know...)


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Our Effects of Alcohol in the Workplace and On You Training provides employees with detailed, thorough, and engaging content on alcohol and its effects.

This program helps you meet state drug-free workplace certification, which will provide workers’ comp discounts and tax benefits.

Effects of Alcohol in the Workplace and on You Topics

  • Costs and risks of alcohol in the workplace
  • The truth regarding common myths about alcohol
  • Alcohol information that will help employees make good alcohol-related decisions
  • How the body absorbs, distributes, and eliminates alcohol
  • Beverage alcohol content and how the concentration of alcohol in the drink can greatly influence how drunk you get
  • Blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
  • Intoxication levels, impairment rate factors, drinking behaviors, and your own drinking patterns using the CAGE tool.

Help to Build a More Productive Workplace

So most employees aren’t going to be thrilled about taking drug and alcohol training. They are going to see it as boring and/or stupid and not terribly useful. In their words: “It is a waste of time, and we’re not going to learn anything new.”

But we’ve talked with many of our customers who initially thought the same thing, but after taking the training, they realized that they didn’t know nearly as much as they thought they did.

And not only that, we make our training interactive so that they will engage and absorb the content.

And then on top of that, it’s quick and easy. The training program only takes an hour to complete. So they get the info they need without any real down time.

Let Employees Learn on Their Time

And, because we offer our training online, employees can take it on their time, at their pace.

Help Employees Learn Some Info — And Un-Learn Some Info — About Alcohol

And we provide a lot of information in our training program that most employees will be surprised to learn. There are so many circulating myths about alcohol. Things about why some people get more drunk than others, how some tricks the morning after will resolve all hangovers, etc.

But we cut through all the noise and provide the truth on all of these matters. We’ve heard from so many employees who take the training who are genuinely surprised to learn about at least one or two facts in the training.

It can be enlightening, for sure. And that may actually help employees react better in alcohol-related circumstances as well as help them make better choices regarding alcohol.

Buy Our Effects of Alcohol in the Workplace and on You Training Today!

So in one hour you have the ability to make your workplace both more productive and safer?

That is what we are saying, yes. You could definitely have worse ideas than buying our training program!

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Our Effects of Alcohol in the Workplace and on You Training includes two courses, listed below:

  • Alcohol Myths and Facts: We uncover the truth regarding widely-held myths about alcohol. Learn how the body absorbs, breaks down, and dispels alcohol; and learn how and when intoxication occurs.
  • Alcohol Facts for Making Decisions: Learn about beverage alcohol content, blood alcohol concentration, the different levels of intoxication, different drinking behaviors, and your own drinking behavior with the CAGE tool.