Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Our Effects of Marijuana Training helps employers meet state drug-free workplace certification requirements. Certification usually provides workers' comp discounts and tax breaks.

Also, the program provides employees with the info they need to make good decisions on marijuana, improving workplace safety and productivity. Learn about:

  • Prevalence and potency
  • Marijuana's intoxicating effects
  • Acute health and safety risks
  • Long-term risks on health
  • And dependency treatments


It is good information to know for employees who are subject to workplace marijuana drug testing and for those who would like to learn more about marijuana and its effects.


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The Effects of Marijuana

Is marijuana innocuous? Or does it pose some risky effects both for individuals and the workplace? We discuss the effects of marijuana in this training program.

Learn about marijuana’s prevalence – it is the single most abused drug in the world. And learn about its potency and intoxicating effects and acute health and safety risks.

We cover its effects on cognitive and cardiovascular function as well as the trauma it produces.

Then we get into long-term effects and risks. Can someone become dependent on marijuana? It seems to be a controversial topic, and we will give you an answer. Also learn about drug progression risks.

Help Employees Make Good Decisions Regarding Marijuana

  • Providing high-quality information on marijuana to employees can alter the choices your employees make regarding marijuana.
  • Many people view marijuana as relatively benign and innocuous, but especially in the long-term there is reason to believe that is not the case.
  • But most people, your employees likely included, don’t have all the information. They just go by what they hear from the media and from their friends.
  • Our training program can provide that information to them and potentially change how they approach marijuana in the future.
  • What this means is that your workplace may become more productive and safer by giving employees the best information possible.
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Our Effects of Marijuana Training includes two essential courses. Below we summarize both:

  • Marijuana Information and Effects: Learn about marijuana's prevalence, potency, and use. Also, learn about its intoxicating effects. Then understand the health and safety risks involved with marijuana use.
  • Marijuana Long-Term Risks: Understand the chronic health risks of marijuana use; these include the physical, psychological, dependence, and drug progression risks. Then we discuss marijuana's prevalence and its impact on the workplace.