Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

This Program includes the courses from FAA Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training Program. But it continues to cover:

  • FAA drug and alcohol policy
  • FAA post-accident drug testing
  • FAA pre-employment drug testing
  • FAA random drug testing
  • The DOT return-to-duty process

The training program meets the DOT training requirements, is easy to take, provides interactive elements to help you learn, and saves you time on admin tasks.

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The FAA drug testing regulations are laid out in 14 cfr part 120. The 14 refers to Title 14, which is the section of law regarding aeronautics and space. And part 120 is the section that covers DOT drug testing programs.

Even just part 120 is an extensive piece of work, but it is what we have based our FAA drug and alcohol training on. We parsed through and created a training program in light of these regulations so that one, you will be in compliance with the DOT and FAA, and two, you will be able to learn the necessary information without having to crack out the magnifying glass.

The Benefits of our Training

  • Interactive and engaging so that you will better learn the material
  • Either online or on CD-ROM
  • Taken on your time and at your pace
  • A time saver, since we take care of administrative tasks for you. Get back to taking care of business!
  • Meets DOT training requirements and gets you in DOT compliance quickly, easily, and painlessly

Program Topics

  • DOT pre-employment drug testing
  • FAA post-accident drug testing
  • FAA random drug testing
  • The DOT return to duty process, including follow-up and post-rehab drug testing
  • FAA drug and alcohol policy
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Courses Included

Our FAA Drug Testing Supervisor Training Program includes all FAA Reasonable Suspicion Training Program courses along with several more. Below is a list of each course included:

  1. FAA Post-Accident Drug Testing: Learn how the FAA defines an accident. They use specific criteria and standards to determine whether an accident occurred. Then learn when and who to test after you have determined that an accident has occurred.
  2. FAA Pre-Employment Drug Testing: We explain when DOT pre-employment drug testing is required, and then we discuss how you must gather information on the applicant from previous employers. The DOT and FAA require strict confidentiality.
  3. FAA Random Drug Testing: We discuss the nature of random drug testing, and we cover the DOT random drug testing procedures. Then we elaborate on how you are to initiate a random drug testing program.
  4. DOT Return-to-Duty Process: The DOT and FAA intentionally make the DOT return to duty process difficult, including several steps and third parties. Learn the entire process in this course.
  5. FAA Drug and Alcohol Policy: Learn about all of the FAA violations and the consequences for infringing upon them. Then learn about how violations are detected, usually through suspicionless testing, evidence of use, or reasonable suspicion. And learn what constitutes a refusal to test.
  6. All FAA Supervisor Reasonable suspicion training courses