Supervisor Awareness Training Introduction

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Our Supervisor Awareness Training Course is an introduction to the role of supervisors in a DOT drug and alcohol testing program. We include it in several of our supervisor training programs. Check out all the training programs that include the course below.

Recognize the Importance of Supervisors in DOT Drug Testing Programs

We introduce the supervisor’s role in a DOT drug testing program. Supervisors play a substantial role, and it is important that they are knowledgeable about their role, and if they are, supervisors are capable of helping make the workplace and the community safer.

Learn the Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Training For Supervisors and Employers

We discuss how training benefits supervisors and the workplace. A competent DOT supervisor saves a lot of hassle in the workplace. Even more importantly, the competent supervisor can save lives.

The knowledge and the know-how is essential here. While the content is straightforward, it requires supervisors and employers to be conscious and attentive of certain things. And we will discuss these things in the course.

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Keep a reference on-hand so supervisors will be better prepared to make reasonable suspicion decisions. It could mean stopping an accident.