Controlling Risky Substances as the DER

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Our Controlling Risky Substances as the DER DOT course is intended for the designated employer representative. If you are looking for supervisor training on the same topic, check out our Drug Control, Marijuana, and Cocaine Course, or our Controlling Risky Drugs Course. The first is for DOT supervisors and employees, and the second is for non-DOT supervisors and employees.

The course describes characteristics of psychoactive drugs. Learn how the government controls risky drugs and why some drugs and drug use are illegal.

This course covers the following topics:

Examples of the Three Types of Psychoactive Drugs

There are uppers, downers, and “all-arounders.” We discuss the key characteristics of each.

How the DEA Identifies and Schedules Drugs

We discuss how the DEA determines risky drugs and classifies them.

Why Some Drugs and Drug Use are Illegal

We explain the factors that lead to some drugs being illegal and others legal, and we also cover the commonly misused prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

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