Drug Control, Marijuana, and Cocaine

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Our Drug Control, Marijuana, and Cocaine Course examines how the federal government identifies and controls risky drugs.

It also provides important facts about marijuana and cocaine, two of the DOT 5-panel drugs.

In the course, learn about:

Examples of Three Types of Psychoactive Drugs: Uppers, Downers, and “All-Arounders”

Learn the different kinds of uppers, downers, and all-arounders, and learn the key characteristics of each.

Is marijuana an upper or an all-arounder? Cocaine has to be an upper, right?

We discuss in the course.

How Risky Drugs are Scheduled by the DEA

We discuss why some drugs are illegal while others are not, and we go into detail on the commonly abused prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Facts About Marijuana

We go over its physical and psychological effects, its health and safety risks, its impact on the workplace, and its signs of current use. Learn why and how marijuana detracts from workplace safety and productivity.

Facts About Cocaine

We run through cocaine effects, health risks, impact in the workplace and signs of current use as well.

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