Designated Employer Representative Responsibility and Role

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This course is all about the designated employer representative responsibility, as well as the roles of supervisors and employees, in a DOT drug and alcohol testing program. In the course you will learn:

The Role and Responsibilities of Supervisors and Employees in a DOT Drug Testing Program

As the designated employer representative, you not only need to know your own responsibilities, but those of others as well.You need to be able to inform and direct supervisors in their duties in a drug testing program.

When supervisors have drug testing questions, they are likely to come to you, expecting you to have a solid answer. Make sure that you do.

The Designated Employer Representative Responsibility in a DOT Drug Testing Program

The designated employer representative job description is fairly detailed. We cover the DER role extensively for all facets of the DOT drug and alcohol testing program.

Learn how to handle your DER responsibilities effectively. The DOT, FMCSA, and FAA lay out the job description in detail, and we provide you with that information here.

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