DOT Drug Testing Program Administration

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Our DOT Drug Testing Program Administration Course is designed for designated employer representatives.

We have several courses on DOT drug and alcohol testing programs for supervisors and employees as well.

We discuss the administrative tasks the designated employer representative has to carry out in a DOT drug and alcohol testing program. In the course you will learn:

How to Manage Service Agents: Consortium/Third-Party Administrators (C/TPA), Medical Review Officers (MRO), and Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP)

We cover how designated employer representatives must manage service agents. If your company makes use of a DOT drug and alcohol testing consortium, then you have to be working with the consortium on certain matters on a regular basis.

You have to communicate with the medical review officer whenever you administer drug tests, getting lab result information and analysis from them. And you have to communicate with substance abuse professionals about employees and supervisors who may be dealing with substance abuse issues.

We get into some of the more granular aspects of managing different relationships for the designated employer representative.

How to Gather and Retain Drug and Alcohol Testing Records

A major part of DOT drug testing program administration is properly gathering and filing records. We discuss how to organize all of the drug and alcohol testing records. The amount of data can end up being overwhelming, so it is important that your database is organized and kept up with properly.

Otherwise, you end up in a frustrating situation if you ever have to go back and find particular data. Learn the specifics of keeping your drug and alcohol testing data well organized and navigable.

How to Report Consolidated Drug Testing Results to the DOT and Appropriate Administrative Agencies

As always, the DOT, FMCSA, and FAA all have specific protocols for reporting consolidated drug test results to them. It is not as simple as giving them a call and sending them a fax.

They require strict confidentiality, and you have to make use of the proper procedures.

We cover the specifics about communicating with the DOT in this course. The administrative tasks of the DER require that the DER manages and communicates with various individuals and agents effectively. It is a lot for one person, especially when that person also has roles beyond just the DER.


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