Designated Employer Representative Training Importance

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Our Designated Employer Representative Training Importance Course is an introduction for our DOT DER Training Programs, of which we have two. One for FMCSA designated employer representatives (DERs) and another for FAA DERs. In Designated Employer Representative Training you will learn:

The Importance of DERs in DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs

We discuss the designated employer representative job description and their role within a DOT drug testing program. The DER plays a key role in DOT testing, and is often seen as the in-house expert on drug and alcohol related issues. So if you are a DER, it tends to come with certain expectations of expertise. Make sure that you are able to meet those expectations.

Benefits of DOT DER Training

We cover the benefits you get by taking DER-specific training. The DER role is fairly extensive, and you have quite a few bullet points in your job description.

Even more, mistakes tend to be costly, as you are dealing closely with the DOT, an agency that tends not to be so easy-going depending on which way the wind is blowing.

Knowing your DER responsibilities and role will enable you to be the expert that everyone at your company expects you to be. And you will be able to carry out your role easily and effectively.

It is far more stressful when you have to stumble and bumble through the process. Check out our FMCSA DER Training and FAA DER Training. Both programs include the Designated Employer Representative Training course.

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