DOT Drug and Alcohol Policy Importance

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An introductory course for our Part One of our DOT DER Training, we discuss the costs and risks of substance abuse in the workplace and in the community.

The Effect of Drugs and Alcohol in the Community

We discuss how substance abuse by employees with safety-sensitive positions affects the surrounding community. We give examples and try to demonstrate the unnecessary danger brought on by drug and alcohol use. The potential backlash is far greater than the high will ever be worth.

The Effect of Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

Then we cover drug and alcohol use by employees on the job impacts the workplace. Again, the risk goes up by an exponential factor, and that’s not even mentioning the dysfunction it creates between other employees and supervisors. When you are high you tend not to communicate effectively, which often can lead to disagreements and disgruntled employees.

The Value of DOT Drug and Alcohol Policy

Keeping a DOT company clear of drugs and alcohol is not only necessary, but also beneficial to the business. DOT drug and alcohol policy is in place to keep everyone safe, but its positive effects go beyond safety if you take it seriously. To see other courses and programs relating to DOT drug and alcohol policy, click here. And check out our FMCSA DER Training and FAA DER Training, both of which include this introductory course. They also get into the DER’s responsibility, DOT drug and alcohol testing procedures, and reasonable suspicion training, among other topics.

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