FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Policy

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This course examines key elements of DOT FMCSA drug and alcohol policy.

When you take this course you will learn:

How To Identify Prohibited Drug and Alcohol Use

The FMCSA holds accountable to their policy all drivers who must partake in the drug testing program. That means everyone who works a safety-sensitive position.

We cover what constitutes prohibited drug and alcohol use for drivers in a drug testing program. We discuss what substances are prohibited, when they are prohibited, and for whom they’re prohibited.

Required Conduct By Those Covered By FMCSA Drug Testing Program

Learn the rules the FMCSA requires employees and supervisor to follow.

We cover drug test submission and the process of getting medications verified by the DOT and FMCSA. It is important to turn in a notice of medication use when appropriate. Because if you are taking a medication without having proper documentation on file, you are taking unnecessary risk. If you fail a drug test, the FMCSA and employer will not be understanding.

And we cover what constitutes a refusal to test. If an employer asks an employee to take a drug test, make sure you know what the employee can and cannot do. Can the employee refuse? Are there particular situations in which employees can refuse? Or does FMCSA policy dictate that employees must take the drug test?

Learn what is deemed a “refusal to test,” and then learn the consequences of that refusal.

The Method For Detecting Violations

Without-suspicion testing, evidence of use, and actual knowledge of use – these are all ways in which the FMCSA and employers detect FMCSA drug and alcohol policy violations.

We explain the process for each detection form in this course. Supervisors and DERs use these methods to identify employee violations. Whether you are a supervisor, employee, or DER, it is best to know them inside and out.

Consequences of FMCSA Policy Violations

We end the course by listing the FMCSA drug and alcohol policy violations and the consequences of the violations. Learn what happens when you don’t follow the rules in a DOT drug testing program!

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