FAA Drug and Alcohol Policy

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This course discusses various facets of FAA drug and alcohol policy.

In this course, learn about:

Prohibited and Required Conduct by Covered Aviation Employees

By “covered” we mean all aviation employees who have to take part in a FAA drug and alcohol program by law.

That means all aviation employees who have FAA safety sensitive positions.

We explain the various violations of FAA aviation employees, and we also discuss certain requirements for FAA aviation employees as well.

Violations and requirements make up a big part of FAA drug and alcohol policy.

What Constitutes a Refusal to Test

We then explain how the FAA defines a “refusal to test,” because the FAA has specific standards that define the phrase.

And we get into what happens to those employees who do refuse to take a drug test when employers select them.

There are six different situations – pre-employment, post-accident, random, return-to-duty, follow-up, and reasonable suspicion – where an employee could be asked to take a drug test.

But if the employee meets the “refusal to test” standards for any one of those situations, they are in violation and will be held accountable.

How Employers Detect Violations: Suspicionless Drug Testing, Evidence of Use, and Actual Knowledge

We discuss how employers detect violations of drug and alcohol policy.

Employers detect policy violations through several routes, random and pre-employment drug testing being two of them.

If you have a FAA drug test failure, that definitely sounds the alarm.

And we go through all the myriad of ways employers detect FAA violations – important information for DER’s, supervisors, and employees.

The Consequences for DOT Policy Violations

Having discussed all violations and means of detection, we now get into the consequences of those policy violations.

Learn about what happens when you fail a drug test. How long does the failed drug test stay on your record? How long are you suspended from your work, if not outright fired?

Also, we discuss specific penalties for FAA and Airman Medical Certificate holders.

We answer your questions here.

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