DOT Drug Test Issues

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A DOT drug test is a complex process involving several parties that follows specific DOT drug testing procedures. Many things can go wrong, with a range of consequences. If you are a DOT supervisor looking for information on DOT drug testing, check out our DOT Drug Testing Procedures course. This course prepares the DER to deal with drug testing issues when they occur. You will learn:

How To Respond To Issues Arising During the Urine Specimen Collection Process

Several things can go wrong in the process of administering a drug test.

The employee can refuse to take the test; you can catch the employee trying to cheat the test; someone can adulterate or lose the urine sample. Learn what to do in each case.

How To Deal With Problems With the Laboratory Analysis

Problems can arise in the analysis of drug test specimens. Maybe the specimen was contaminated in some way. Maybe it indicates that the tested employee was trying to skew test results. Or Maybe a mistake occurs in the lab, and the specimen is damaged. Any number of issues can arise.

Learn what your responsibility as the DER is in each instance.

How To Deal With Problems Arising During the MRO’s Investigation of Lab Results

Even after the lab results return, the MRO still has to review and analyze those results. And mistakes can arise in this step just as in any of the other steps.

The MRO may make a mistake, and the MRO might pick up on a mistake made earlier in the DOT drug test process. Learn what can go wrong here, and what the DER can do about the mistakes.

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