Georgia Drug-Free Workplace Law: Policy and Program Information

Keep Your Drug-Free Workplace Running Smoothly

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Learn about the policy and program information behind a fully-functioning Georgia drug free workplace in our Georgia Drug-Free Workplace Law Course.

The Five Components of a Georgia Drug Free Workplace

Learn the five major components of a Georgia drug free workplace in the course. If you want to run a good drug and alcohol testing program, you must understand the full scope of the program.

We provide an over-arching view for program administrators.

The Key Elements of an Employer’s Substance Abuse Policy

Then, we discuss the essential aspects of an employer’s substance abuse policy. Specifically, understand violations and consequences as well as how the drug testing program must comply with state policy.

The Types of Assistance Companies Can Offer Employees

Finally, we go over the ways in which employers can assist employees dealing with substance issues. Learn the specifics on how to handle and help employees with substance abuse problems.

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