Georgia Drug-Free Workplace Program Administrator Roles and Responsibilities

Keep Your Drug-Free Workplace Running Smoothly

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Learn the program administrator role and responsibilities in our Georgia Drug-Free Workplace Program Administrator Course.

The Problem of Substance Misuse and Abuse in Communities and the Workplace

Learn how substance abuse affects both workplace and community, especially when the abuser works a safety-sensitive job.

But also learn how substance abuse affects more people than just the abuser. We discuss in detail in the course.

How Drug-Free Workplace Programs Reduce the Costs and Risks of Workplace Substance Misuse and Abuse

Yes, drug and alcohol testing programs reduce substance misuse and abuse. But do they eradicate it? No.

And this is exactly why you still need knowledgeable program administrators, supervisors, and employees who know how to deal with an drug and alcohol related issue that arises in the workplace and community.

Specifically, a drug-free workplace program ensures that employees, supervisors, and program administrators know how to deal.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Supervisors, Program Administrators, and Employees

We go into detail on the various responsibilities of supervisors, program administrators, and employees, and we provide a quality outline for you to understand the role of each player in the drug free workplace program.

Become knowledgeable in drug and alcohol testing programs; get Georgia certification; prevent workplace substance issues; save money, time, and exasperation.

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