Get in touch with as with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Get in touch with us with any questions: (770) 650-6620

Our FMCSA Drug Testing Regulations Supervisor Training Program includes all of the courses in the Reasonable Suspicion program.

The program meets DOT training requirements and takes two hours to complete. Learn about:

  • FMCSA post-accident drug testing
  • FMCSA pre-employment drug testing
  • FMCSA random drug testing
  • tThe DOT Return-To-Duty requirements and process
  • FMCSA drug and alcohol policy
  • DOT drug testing procedures
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Our FMCSA Drug Testing Supervisor Training Program also includes our FMCSA Reasonable Suspicion Training For Supervisors Program.

We formulated our training program on DOT 49 CFR part 382, the regulation guiding FMCSA drug and alcohol testing programs. It is an extensive text, and reading through that to find the necessary information is a time-consuming endeavor.

But that is exactly what we do, so that you don’t have to! Our training includes all of the essential elements of the regulation, boiling it down into a two-hour course rather than a 24-hour study session.

FMCSA Drug Testing Supervisor Training Topics

In the Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training section, learn about

  • The training benefits for supervisors
  • The difference between a DOT and non-DOT drug testing program
  • DOT drug and alcohol testing program fundamentals
  • Facts about drugs and alcohol
  • Reasonable suspicion decision-making and testing processes
  • FMCSA drug and alcohol policy
  • DOT drug testing procedures
  • The five remaining DOT drug testing situations: post-accident, pre-employment, random, follow-up, and post-rehab drug testing

Meet Your DOT and FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Training Requirements

  • The DOT and FMCSA require that companies covered by them must provide drug and alcohol training to their supervisors and employees.
  • Our training meet the DOT training requirements and keep you compliant with the DOT and FMCSA
  • Our training programs are comprised of the essential elements in 49 cfr part 382, the regulation involving FMCSA drug and alcohol testing programs

Save Yourself Time So You Can Get Stuff Done Today

  • We take care of all of the administration
  • We get the training out to all the supervisors, moderate their seat-time, and get out certificates of completion to all supervisors who finish the training
  • So you get time back in your day to get to more pressing matters, or maybe, just maybe, get off work at 4pm rather than 5 0r 6. We all can dream, right?

Actually Learn Something From the Training

  • If you have to take the drug and alcohol training, you might as well learn something.
  • Our training is interactive and engaging. You don’t just see the material; you also put it to use.
  • And this may actually have an impact on how safe your workplace and community are.
  • The more your supervisors learn, the better at handling situations they will be. And the less likely situations are to occur.
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Courses Included

Our FMCSA Drug Testing Supervisor Training includes all courses from FMCSA Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors. Below we list the additional courses:

    1. FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Policy: Learn the violations involving drugs and alcohol for covered drivers and the consequences for those violations. And learn how violations are detected through suspicionless testing, evidence of use, and actual knowledge of use.


    1. DOT Drug Testing Procedures: Identify the steps in DOT drug testing; understand the possible drug test results the MRO can report to the DER; and know the safeguards in DOT drug testing.


    1. FMCSA Post-Accident Drug Testing: What constitutes an accident per FMCSA rule? When and who do you test after an accident? What are the DOT post-accident drug testing procedures? And what are the driver's responsibilities post-accident? We explain in this course.


    1. FMCSA Pre-Employment Drug Testing: Learn when DOT pre-employment drug testing is required and how to gather information from previous employers. Confidentiality is important in the pre-employment drug testing process.


    1. FMCSA Random Drug Testing: Be able to describe the nature of random drug testing and what that practically means. Then learn the DOT random drug testing procedures and process. And learn how to initiate a DOT random drug testing program.


  1. FMCSA DOT Return-to-Duty Requirements: The DOT Return-to-Duty process for FMCSA drivers is a complicated one. Learn the steps that drivers must take to re-enter the workforce. Drivers must receive some combination of evaluation, treatment, and education, and they must work with a substance abuse professional (SAP).