Supervisor Training for Drug and Alcohol Testing

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Our Supervisor Training for Drug and Alcohol Testing Course is an introductory course for many of our DOT supervisor training programs, all of which meet DOT training requirements.

Costs and Risks of Substance Abuse

In Supervisor Training for Drug and Alcohol Testing, we discuss the issues that arise from substance abuse in the workplace and in the community. These problems become magnified when employees carrying out safety-sensitive job tasks are using drugs and alcohol. The problem then reaches beyond the confines of the workplace and moves into the community.

This course discusses the risks and costs of substance abuse by employees carrying out safety-sensitive tasks in detail. The risks are too great for you to mess around with this stuff. There are severe legal and fiscal consequences for negligence in this area. Be informed so you can avoid any future conflict.

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Introduction

Then the course provides an introduction to drug and alcohol testing programs. We discuss the components and scope of DOT drug and alcohol testing programs, the various testing situations in DOT drug testing, the steps of drug and alcohol testing, and the roles and responsibilities of supervisors within the DOT drug testing program.

Supervisor Training for Drug and Alcohol Testing lays out the six testing program components, the six drug testing situations, and the specific steps of DOT drug and alcohol testing situations.

Learn about pre-employment, post-accident, random, post-rehab, follow-up, and reasonable suspicion drug testing. When you know the correct drug testing steps, it is easy; when you don’t, well, not so much!

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