Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Drug Screen

Keep Your Drug-Free Workplace Running Smoothly

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We designed our TN Drug-Free Workplace Drug Screen Course for the Tennessee program administrator. Particularly, we made it for the program administrator who wants to run a good drug testing program.

But why is running a good program important? Because it deters substance misuse, and it ensures drug-free workplace state certification, which carries with it some tax benefits.

Steps and Safeguards in a Drug-Free Workplace Drug Screen

We cover the steps and procedures involved in a TN drug free workplace drug screen. Also, we discuss the safeguards necessary to protect donors.

Alcohol Testing Steps and Safeguards

Then we discuss the alcohol testing steps and safeguards. Learn how to properly test for alcohol intoxication in the course.

Make sure that your program administrator knows how to carry out drug and alcohol tests, and help to make your workplace safer and more productive.

Also, ensure that your company gains and retains drug-free workplace state certification, and receive tax breaks!

So make sure you know how to carry out a drug-free workplace drug screen, and check out our Administering a Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Training today.

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