Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Program Administrator Roles and Responsibilities

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Our Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Program Administrator (PA) Roles and Responsibilities Course outlines the PA role. In the course learn about:

The Problem of Alcohol and Substance Misuse in the Community and Workplace

We discuss the problems that arise in both the workplace and the community from substance misuse and abuse. Specifically, substance abuse affects not only the abuser, but those around the abuser as well.

In the community, it affects overall safety when the abuser is an employee working a safety-sensitive position. But it can also have detrimental effects regardless of the abuser’s vocation.

In the workplace, it directly affects safety and productivity. Coworkers have a difficult time working with the abuser, and the abuser is more likely to make a costly mistake.

How Drug-Free Workplaces Reduce the Costs and Risks of Workplace Drug Use

The main benefit of a drug-free workplace program is that it reduces workplace drug use. And so any derogatory affects of substance use in the workplace are thus diminished.

But not only does a drug-free workplace reduce substance misuse. It also mitigates the negative effects of any substance misuse that still remains. Particularly because supervisors, employees, and program administrators know exactly how to handle a situation when it arises.

The Responsibilities of Supervisors, Employees, and Program Administrators in a Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace

We also get into the various responsibilities of supervisors, employees, and program administrators. As this course is for program administrators, we also must discuss the supervisor and employee roles. Because the PA needs to understand and be able to explain to everyone involved in the program their roles.

Learn the program administrator role effectively, and avoid any mishaps or mistakes. Make your company safer and more productive by making sure that the program administrator knows what they are doing!

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