Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Programs

Keep Your Drug-Free Workplace Running Smoothly

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We designed our Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Programs Course for Tennessee program administrators. We also provide Tennessee drug-free workplace employee training and supervisor training.

In the course we discuss:

The Five Components of a Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace

We cover the five components of a TN drug-free workplace. If you want to run a smooth drug and alcohol testing program, you need to see the full scope of the program.

The five components will help program administrators navigate their daily tasks.

Key Elements of an Employer’s Substance Abuse Policy

Learn the major features of most employer-authority substance abuse policy. Whether you want to create a substance abuse policy or follow one already in place, our outline here will give you the information you need.

Types of Assistance Companies Might Offer Employees

We then get into the ways in which a company can help employees with substance abuse issues. What responsibilities does the company have to assist?

We discuss the different ways that employers may help.

So make sure your program administrator knows Tennessee drug-free workplace policy and is prepared for their role. Check out our Administering a Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Training today.

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